Corymbia 2013


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I am always in search of the unique, the different.  This wine is one of those that I would classify as such.  Not yet available in the US market, I happen to know ‘a guy’ and got to try some.  Start with the label, which is a graphical display of the sunshine and rainfall on the property for the whole year…. who thinks this stuff up?  Brilliant.  The blend itself is quite intriguing.  85% Tempranillo co-fermented with 15% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Swan Valley in Australia.  Atypical for Tempranillo it reminds me of Burgundy in its softness, melded tannins and mouthfeel. The flavor profile is much more new world though with a nose of plums and blueberry. Carbonic maceration gives it a fruit forward approach on the initial attack much like the Gamay wines of Beaujolais. Loads of blue fruit and some gentle acidity combine with the melded tannins to give a nice mouthfeel. The back end is where I get some firmer tannins and a decent finish. 88 points from me. Aus $35, U.S. $25, 3 stars.  A treat if you can find it because it allows for the broadening of the palate.  Truly unique, it drinks well as an aperitif but would go really well with some charcuterie, perhaps some hard cheese. 2015-2018.  Salut….

corymbia wine


Leoville Barton 2001


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I bought a case of this many moons ago and have just started to drink the wines of this Bordeaux vintage.  The ’01 Leoville Barton I drank before was sublime.  The consensus was a 2022 peak, I’m not so sure now, or else I had bottle variation.

Still bright purple but a broken cork and low top fill gave me cause for concern.  Classic Bordeaux cassis nose with blueberry and cherry entrance were overshadowed by the fact that the wine was a little thin. Tasty mid palate but it lacked weight. Good acidity and firm tannins. Drink sooner rather than later unfortunately.  89-91 points.  3 stars now but I’m hoping it was a one-off bottle.  Salut….

leoville barton 2001

Mystery label from Montepulciano 2011


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I drank this over the 4th of July weekend, took notes, a picture but forgot the name.  No idea of pricing either as it was my friend’s offering.  It was good, but young.

Nearly black in the gas with a nose is of blackberry and tar.  More black fruit, tar and earth on the initial attack. Tannic and brooding. Mid palate had some vegetal, herbaceous and acidic components. Longish finish of black cherry and tannins. 2017-2025, 90 points.  I can’t give it a star rating as I don’t know the price.  If you have seen this or know it’s name please comment!  Salut….


Montes Classic Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


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Bright purple. Oaked up nose of blue berries and green peppers. Not my style as it has a strange tinge to it. Much better on the palate with some plums, blue fruits and some mint. A slightly green mid palate with sharp acidity comes through midway. Mild tannins and a shorter finish. 86 points and 3 stars for this $8 offering.  Salut….

montes cabernet sauvignon

Deakin Cabernet Sauvignon Vine Series 2013


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Nice purple color. Nose of black currants, cinnamon and elderberries.  Initially some slight tannins and a good presentation of dark berries and brush. Some earthy elements come across in the mid palate. A very basic wine that provides enjoyment and will drink well with barbecue, roast game and pizza. Nice acidity counters the gentle tannins and it leaves you with a nice mouthfeel. 87 points. 2015-2017.  I paid $11 making it a 4 star wine.  Salut….

deakin estate cabernet sauvignon

Edmeades Zinfandel Mendocino County 2012


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If you read my write up on the Lagarde Malbec you will know that we were at dinner with friends.  The Malbec never made it to the table, this tasty Zinfandel was more than up to the task of handling our beef short rib dinner.  I made some quick notes as Moxie was giving me the evil-eye for using my phone at the table.

Reddish purple with long legs in the glass. Nose of cinnamon, plums, orange peel and some vanilla.  Initial tastes of plum and cinnamon with gently spiced cola. Tannins are subdued with a balance of acidity. 89 points and very food friendly. It sorted out the ribs with their strong flavors and offset the fat found in such a tender and delicious cut.  The finish is mid length. This wine will pair well with any marbled meats and could stand up to a hearty BBQ with its spice component.  A bargain at $15 this one may need to bought in bulk.  4 stars from me.  Drink 2015-2018.  Salut….

Edmeades Zinfandel Mendocino County

Lagarde Primeras Vinas Malbec 2011


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We went over to our friends house for dinner last night.  My buddy, known as Big Red, had bought this one specially for our dinner of short ribs.  It never made it to the table as we opened it soon after we polished off the Carneros Pinot I brought for appetizers.  None of us could wait to try it.  We were not disappointed.

Reddish color that was somewhat unique in a Malbec, they usually run the gamut of dark purple to the black wines of Cahors.   Red currants, strawberries and iodine were some of the hints we picked up on the nose.   A super smooth entry of red fruits, some ink, black cherry and a Tempranillo-like medicinal tinge were what treated us in the first wave.  Mid palate is where the tannins finally kicked in having lurked initially.  Supremely balanced with acidity and a touch of oak the whole package is well rounded and polished. The length is ideal. 93 points and begging for a steak, perhaps some shaved ham. $40, 93 points. Full bodied Argentinian ready to drink till 2022.  A top wine if I may say so myself.  5 stars for sure, seek this one out.  Salut….

lagarde primeras vinas malbec

Domaine Gilles Blanchet Pouilly-Fume 2013


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From the Loire valley comes this Sauvignon Blanc.  Pineapple and flint on the nose tell me this is going to be a rather refreshing wine.  Crunchy acidic bite of green apples and pear greet the palate for an initial impression. Good vibrancy with a citrus mid palate that leads to a generous finish. Nicely balanced if you like this style of Sauvignon Blanc- steely, lean, not overoaked and refreshing. I served it with some Cajun spiced Cod and an arugula salad. 88 points from me and definitely a re-buy for $16.  Perfect for a hot summer day with a salad, sitting by the pool or nibbling on oysters.  3 stars.  Salut….

Gilles Blanchet Pouilly-Fume

3000 Anos Bullas 2006


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An interesting blend of Old Vine Monastrell and Shiraz from the Spanish Bullas.  It’s a town in the southeast part of Spain in the Murcia region.  Nose of earth and plum jam with an initial attack of blue fruits and stone. A hint of oak and some cardamom come through. Very integrated tannins meld with the balanced acidity giving a nice mouthfeel. This wine is aging well and will go till 2018 . Back end lights up with some violets and rustic charm. An overly optimistic MSRP of $90 make it a major pass even with 93 RP points.  I found it online for $30, which makes a lot more sense.  91 points from me and 3 stars.  Pair it with some earthy game or perhaps goat cheese pizza.  It yearns for tapas as well.  Salut….

3000 anos bullas


Cune Crianza 2010


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From Spain’s Rioja came this blend of Carignan, Grenache and Tempranillo that I had a hard time with.  The pro’s were all over the map with scores ranging from 90 down to 82.  I paid $13 for it but found it for $10 elsewhere.

Nose of earth and blue fruits with some hint of oak.  Atypical for Rioja- muted flavors of blueberry and bramble. Slightly rough tannins but good acidity seem to balance out in the end with a very muted finish overshadowed by the tannic frame. 86 points from me and 2 stars.  I think one merits another look as it may be bottle variation.  How is it possible to have such varied impression from others I wonder.  I will look for it in the future and report back.  Salut….

cune crianza


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