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If you read my previous post on the Oriel Chardonnay, you will remember that the folks were over for dinner.  This was the other white I served that glorious summer night.  This one is more my style, but got mixed reviews from Mum and Dad.  I like Pinot Gris, especially in the heat of summer.  It’s cool, crisp, clear and light.  I would consider it almost the polar opposite of Chardonnay.  Citrus, acidity and a good balance make this style of wine my choice for the heat.  They call it Novocao, from the winery in Amity, part of the famous Willamette Valley.  The region is coming up with some really good stuff, yet this is the first Pinot Gris I have had from there.  I am going to rate it lower than the Chard, even though I enjoyed it more simply because I cannot rate on personal choice, only the quality in general.  3 stars, and 84 points.  If you find it cheap, get it- great for every day summer quafffffing!

coelho pinot gris