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To cap off Thanksgiving dinner, I dove deep into the cellar and came up with this absolute beauty.  Rated a lowly 84 by a group of amateurs, I disagree- 4 stars and 90 points are more realistic.  2005 was an incredible year in Bordeaux, the appellation of Sauternes was no exception.  Made predominantly from the Semillon grape that has been inflicted with Botrytis Cinerea, otherwise known as Noble Rot, the grapes get concentrated and the resulting wine is sweet, unctuous, and mouth-watering.  I noticed definite Pineapple flavor, plus the more traditional apricot meets honey tones.  The wine was golden in color, and appeared almost syrupy in the glass.  Also known as “Stickies”, these wines are great with dessert but surprisingly, are the sommelier’s choice to pair with Foie Gras.  Normally bottled in 375 ml, this particular one was the full blown 750, necessitating a party to warrant opening it.  I can’t say how much I love sweet whites, and continually try to get my friends to give them a chance- most come around.  I think and hope that I have at least one more left in the tomb for another glorious feast.