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If you read my previous post about this brand, and the 2008 wine, you will know that I liked it.  For a further comparison, I bought the ”Y’ series model, from the 2010 vintage to compare.  Priced a few dollars cheaper, it is obviously slightly lower on the pecking order for this producer.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still good, just different.  More jammy, typical of Aussie Shiraz, the Viognier doesn’t seem to come through on this bottle.  The nose is telltale Australia, not quite as pronounced as the other wine.  The tannins on this one are more evident, probably due to age.  I can taste a slight acidity, which should disappear in a year or two as the tannins meld.  There is a surprising length as well, which I like and is a sign of a well made bottle.  I’m not sure what the percentage of each varietal is, but looking at the 14% alcohol, the lack of softness from the Viognier, I would imagine a 90-10 split.  Whilst I give this one 3 stars and probably an 85 rating, I would suggest it would be a great addition to any party or BBQ with some big, earthy meat.  Very good value from a consistent producer, thumbs up you lot!

yalumba shiraz/viognier 2010 y series