Woops, and I mean a big-time woops.  I picked this bottle out of my ‘daily drinkers’ rack and porked it with the almighty Rabbit Corkscrew before I realized I had just bludgeoned open a rather expensive and mature bottle of wine on a Monday-afterballet-rushhome-cookdinner-kidshomework night (whew).  Once the realization sank in, I knew I had to make the most of it and to enjoy this pricey gem for what it turned out to be, rather than what it was supposed to be.

I was saved, by the Moroccans.

Earlier today I realized that I had a busy evening playing chauffeur to the kids and needed to prepare for a mad dash to the kitchen after ballet to get dinner on the table.  I bought some Lamb at the market, dressed it up with Apricots, Dates, Cinnamon, Cumin and garnished the whole lot with a sprig of Rosemary from the garden- all in my new favorite cooking utensil:   The Moroccan Tagine.


Back to the wine- a stunning purple color so rich.  On the nose, complex blueberry and spices kept me intrigued for a while.  The palate was unmistakeable blueberry and plums meet oak.  Stunning tannins are in full force, balanced by a gentle acidity.  This is a serious wine, yet not reminiscent of typical Tempranillo.  And then came the meal.  This wine just took off like a scalded cat when I took my first sip after eating some Lamb.  The spices of the meat seemed to exponentially magnify this wine’s allure.  The flavors sharpened up, the tannins melded and the whole package came together.  I don’t recall the last wine that changed so much when food was introduced.  I am really dumbfounded.

This wine is awesome.  It exhibits youthfulness and vibrancy at 12 years of age, combines balance with elegance, shows structure like I have only seen in a few wines, and pops like a firecracker when added to ‘spice laden’ dishes.  I would imagine 92 points are due.  For me, at $85+ per bottle, I must defer to 4 points.  The price doesn’t justify the taste for my particular palate.  I love Tempranillo’s, but want that specific flavor profile.  This is a great wine, just not my absolute favorite.  That’s what makes this blog fun.  I can guess at what a pro would rate wines at, but get to add my star rating based on price/quality/flavor and my own personal preferences.  Would I buy this wine again?  No, but I do have another bottle or two in the cellar from the original purchase.