I was recently asked how and why I decant.  The how is easy and with my daughter’s help I managed to record it for you.  I use a Riedel decanter, a tall candle and a steady hand to decant my wines.  The Why is the subject of many debates in the wine world.  I do it when I suspect the wine, due to age, has a lot of sediment.  I also use it as a way to artificially age a wine so it shows better with an hour or two of ‘breathing’.  Some wines also have a funky aroma when first opened and need to be decanted to help them shake the nasty.  Words of caution, some older wines will be fine if drunk right after decanting, while others will lose their whole personality rather quickly.  It is a fine balance.  I will add a comment to any wine I taste that has been decanted in the future so you can see my patterns.  Meantime, try it out for yourself…..