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A Vino Nobile di Montepulciano made from the Sangiovese grape.  I have been sitting on this one for a while waiting for the right time and the right meal.  Tonight my stars aligned.  Moxie went nuts and cooked the mother of all Paleo meals- a Ribeye, Bang Bang Shrimp, sauteed mushrooms, roasted Yam fries and a Kale/Brussell sprout salad with homemade French country dressing.

IMG_0031The wine was superb.  I just love Sangiovese and this one was so typical of the grape.  Cherries and a delicious use of oak.  This wine is 12 years old and is just now coming to life.  A great tannic profile with racy acidity have given this wine an iron-clad structure.  It still shows purple/red in the glass with no bricking.  It’s nose is dark cherry and strawberry.  Secondary flavors of earth, capsicum and leather really excite me.  I am getting a long finish and the tannins are mouth puckering, yet smooth.  Alcohol on this wine is 13.5% which is about where my threshold lies.  This wine started out at over $60, can be found today for about $42 and will not let you down with a big steak, pasta or rack of Lamb.  A serious wine that gave me much enjoyment, 92 points and a 4 banger.  Salut….