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I bought this one on ratings and write-ups, having never heard of it before.  It started out with plums and a woody note on the nose with an interesting initial attack that was slightly sour.  I noticed a tremendous acidity, perhaps too much??  The flavors that I came across on the first pass were red currants and raspberry.  The wine is silky with deep, smooth tannins.  Later on I noticed blueberry on the back end with some coffee.  This wine is very juicy, related to the acidity perhaps.  It was a little sharp when first opened but seemed to mellow out after some air time.  I’m not a huge fan of this wine but I think it is serviceable.  I have seen up to 92 points from critics on this one, I am not sure I agree- giving it 88 instead.  I paid $18 and therefore award it 3 stars.  Salut….