I have not written for a while as I was under the weather with a suspected stomach bug.  I managed to get back to 100% by Thursday and took on the daunting challenge of slow cooking a beef brisket.  I am still a newbie with the Big Green Egg and have only used it to cook a Chicken (disaster), Pizza (another disaster), Pork Butt (awesome), some Ribeyes that were amazing, a Leg of Lamb that was good and now the Brisket.  I have searched online and talked to numerous cooks who all warned me of the perils involved with this particularly tough piece of meat. It needs a long, slow, low heat smoking if it is to tenderize without drying out.

I started off with a 5 1/2 pound Flat Cut Brisket from Costco, it was not expensive.  I slathered it in spicy mustard and then rubbed some Original Rub all over.  The charcoal was lit and the firebox filled with moist wood chunks.  I settled the temperature at about 250F and placed the meat onto the grill with the fat cap side down.  After 5 hours I flipped the meat and inserted a thermometer into the thickest part.  Within two more hours it was ready with a 190F internal reading.  I covered it in heavy foil, wrapped it in towels and put it in a cooler for the afternoon.  When it came time for dinner I sliced it 3 mm (3/16 in) thick and it was deelish with some homemade BBQ sauce.  The cut of meat was large enough for the 5 of us plus breakfast for me in the morning.  My only mistake was to let the heat get up to 300F a few times, controlling it to 250F is paramount to avoid any dryness.  I feel empowered now to cook anything on this grill and look forward to the Turkey I have postponed.  FWIW I sipped on Single Wide IPA from Boulevard Brewing Co.  It had the right balance of hoppiness to go with the spicy/sweet tang of rub and sauce.  Heaven….

beef brisket on big green egg

The Brisket, 5 1/2 pounds

Tented in foil for 4 hours

Tented in foil for 4 hours

smoked brisket on big green egg

Sliced 3/16 in thick

boulevard brewing single wide IPA

The IPA that tied it all together!