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I tried the 2008 Peter Schweiger a few months ago and really enjoyed it.  We ended up with two bottles of this vintage and I wrote about the first bottle we opened as there was some variation.  The main one being the effervescence that appeared in bottle 1.  Ever so slight, yet noticeable in the glass and on the palate, it was quite nice actually.  The wine was a dark straw color, not quite golden.  Stone fruits popped out on the nose with a touch of dried apricot peel which was quite interesting.  Yellow apple was the predominant flavor on the palate with some spiciness including a nutmeg twist.  The wine finished with a back end leather component that is unique for a white wine, but delicious nonetheless.  We bought each one for $10 and I would get more.   Perfect for a summer day, it would pair beautifully with some grilled salmon, perhaps a ham and cheese baguette picnic?  It arrives with a respectable 13% alcohol so be careful pounding it at lunch time or by the pool, there are Rieslings better suited for that at 8-9% alcohol.  The 2011 was much fresher, cleaner and crisper with more acidity and a finer structure.  This one seems to have taken on a more mellow stance and is maturing nicely.  A decently long finish make this a very good wine in my opinion, 89 points worth and 4 stars for sure.  Salut….

peter Schwieger gruner veltliner