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Whenever I see ’09 or 2010 Bordeaux on sale I take note.  These two vintages were stellar and you can’t go wrong.  Hence the urge for me to pick up a case of this stuff sight unseen, without any knowledge or forbearance.  I simply saw a rating, a price and my wallet.

Bright purples hues in the glass as to be expected.  Nose of black currants and blue berries was somewhat less than expected, perhaps the youth of the bottle?  An interesting attack of black and blue fruits with a core of acidity and brisk tannins which led to a cork and dusty component which add to the fruits in a funky way that I enjoyed. Black tea finish with that tannic bite made for an interesting closure.  89 points with a 2014-2020 window.  I paid $18 per bottle making this a 3 star effort.  Salut….

chateau de camparian