The label shows off some of the medals this wine has been awarded- well done and well deserved.  I really enjoy this wine every time I get the chance to taste it.  My uncle brought this one directly from his cousin, the winemaker.  So, it’s kinda in the family.

A really well made wine, balanced with the right pieces in the right amount.  Tannic yet approachable, with years ahead.  Fruity, the kind that I like, and a long after taste.  My immediate thoughts were ‘Bordeaux-like”, delicious, need some grilled meat tout suite and wowsa.  This is not a $15 wine, but won’t break the bank if you can find it.  In my opinion, very good QPR when you realize what you are getting.  A 5 point wine in my books, and possibly a 91 rating from a pro….