Star Ratings

Wines have been rated by pro’s and amateurs for years based on quality and taste.  I wish to add another dimension to the fray, price.  It would be great to drink a technically perfect 100 point wine, but at what price?  How about an 88 pointer that sells for $10?   When I taste, I try to gauge the quality of the wine.  Sometimes I need help and look up what the pro’s say.  Sometimes I just know, I’ve been around and read the journals.  I skew the points result based on the price of the wine, with emphasis going to QPR (Quality Price Ratio) and come up with the ultimate decider…..Stars

5 Stars- A must find, gotta try this, on the bucket list kinda wine.

4 Stars- Excellent quality wine priced reasonably well, won’t let you down

3 Stars- Good value for money, but don’t go out of your way to get some

2 Stars- I seldom re-purchase these wines as they don’t give quality or price

1 Star- Found at way too many BBQ’s and cheap bastard’s homes

0 Stars- Drano….. enuff said

Feel free to write comments on the wines you have tried as well.  I am always interested in other peoples opinions and also to see if I had an ‘off bottle’.  Salut!

4 thoughts on “Star Ratings”

  1. We need to sample some soon amigo!

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