About Caspernick

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read about me.  I am the father of 4, husband to 1 and medically retired airline pilot.  My passion is wine so I decided to chronicle my vino-journey in an interactive way, allowing any and all to read about the wines I have had the opportunity to taste.  My qualifications include the WSET level 3 certification, Certified Specialist in Wine (CSW) plus the NWS Sommelier accreditation.  I have been approached by several wineries to sample their offerings, I am happy to do so but will never compromise my tasting notes to skew a wine’s favor.  Please send all the samples you want for an honest, layman’s opinion and rating.  Enjoy the wines and please feel free to comment on them.  You can get hold of me at caspernick-at-aol-dot-com

If you are interested in virtual wine tastings, please visit my site at https://tastingwine.co



4 thoughts on “About Caspernick”

  1. Howard Kahan said:

    Thanks for your review of Stags leap 2012 Karia Chard. How long would you hold this wine in a wine cellar at bet. 54 and 58 deg? My feelings were same as yours, not quite buttery , but a very nice wine. Thanks again

  2. Dr Yorick Gitton, Ph.D. said:

    Dear M. Caspernick, much congrats on your inspiring wine tasting notes.
    To what extent might “life at high altitude/specific temperature/specific pressure/specific air dryness (+zillions other factors probably!)”, a.k.a. your job, might modify your taste?
    In other words, is there evidence/hearsay that airline pilots have a specific winetaste?
    Asking for a friend… Actually my son, who starts to discover wines and undertakes airline piloting studies by the end of his 19th year (legal age in Fr, ICYMW).
    Thanks for your valued input!
    Hopefully in post-covid era I hope stars line up to the extent of sharing a wine tasting session at 30k+ ft! Hopefully #2, not one of those neutral gas-supplemented half bottles though…
    Best regards,
    Dr Y. Gitton

    • caspernick said:

      Thanks for your interesting question Dr. Gitton. I used to be a smoker many years ago. People said it would alter the sense of taste and smell. For me, that was not the case as I tasted and could smell the same after I quit that horrible habit. To your actual question, I don’t think the rarefied air of a pressurized aircraft has affected my taste or sense of smell. In fact I can fully affirm that statement because I have not flown in a jet since last March due to the reduction in flying during the COVID days. I will say though- as a passenger on board a flight, wine does taste/smell different and a good sommelier/critic/wine director will chose wines that are not hindered too much while in the air. I wish your son the best success in his flying endeavor, it has been an amazing career for me. Wine is my other passion, which I may pursue at some stage. For now I just enjoy drinking it and conducting virtual wine tastings with my friends. Look me up if you are in the US (East Coast). Salut….

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