About Caspernick

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read about me.  I am the father of 4, husband to 1 and full time airline pilot.  My passion is wine so I decided to chronicle my vino-journey in an interactive way, allowing any and all to read about the wines I have had the opportunity to taste.  I have been approached by several wineries to sample their offerings, I am happy to do so but will never compromise my amateur tasting notes to skew a wine’s favor.  Please send all the samples you want for an honest, layman’s opinion and rating.  Enjoy the wines and please feel free to comment on them.  You can get hold of me at caspernick-at-aol-dot-com  Salut…


2 thoughts on “About Caspernick”

  1. Howard Kahan said:

    Thanks for your review of Stags leap 2012 Karia Chard. How long would you hold this wine in a wine cellar at bet. 54 and 58 deg? My feelings were same as yours, not quite buttery , but a very nice wine. Thanks again

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