This is the wine I chose to celebrate my birthday with, the last of my case. A Cali Cab from the fabled Mouiex family, it certainly garners respect and good ratings from the pro’s. Asking price- currently up to $150 per. My opinion, skip it. It is neither blockbuster Napa Cab, or characteristic of a good Bordeaux, but something in the middle. Gentle tannins have kept this wine upright with good acidity holding it together. A pleasant nose gives way to a medium bodied palate of subdued fruit. No secondary flavors a la Old World, and no bright fruit that you would expect from its origin. It started out a little rustic, but opened up in 20 minutes, keep that in mind if you have some. I would say it could last another 5 years, but I can’t see any complexity building. 3 stars and 87 points, the pro’s all went 91…