This past weekend was quite a busy, yet rewarding weekend. Our best friend’s son graduated from Medical School as a newly minted Doctor. I could go into detail but will give you the quick bits. We have known him since he was a shy 8 year old, watching him go on to GW University, a stint at Oxford and back to DC to enroll in Georgetown. Quite an accomplishment and something to be proud of.
His family all came into town so we hosted a party for 20 on Saturday night. I delved deep into my cellar and you can read about those gems later. Meanwhile, Moxie got busy making her own version of Operation Cake. Yes, the nose lights up and buzzes. I’m really proud of her artistic talents. BTW we served up some awesome Beef Tenderloins that I grilled on the trusty Weber, cause red meat is what I needed for the massive amounts of fine Bordeaux we drank!