I normally write about fun stuff, mainly wine. Today, a slightly more serious topic. You see, Moxie and I have four children. The oldest is 16, full of himself and


armed with a fresh new drivers license….. Until last night. He got busted doing 87 in a 55- Reckless Driving in our state which requires an adult accompanied trip to the Juvy court. I have not been this angry in a long, long time. He was warned, several times. But, kids will be kids, and they continue to push the folks. So, I decided to hit him where if hurts. You see, at 16, they only know two things. Peer pressure and your own set of wheels (freedom).

Easy fix. I took his license for 62 days. 30 for the ticket, and a day per MPH over the limit.

Next up, peer pressure. We both posted the picture below on our Facebook pages where I tagged him. Now, all of his friends know what a bozo move he made. Too harsh? Too lenient? You be a judge, keeping in mind he will also be paying any fees etc.