I have been drinking a lot of Pinot Noir lately and noticing some interesting trends. Made in an Old World style, they seem to have lower alcohol levels and better tannic structure. This New World wine hit my nose with some biting alcohol, mixed with cherries. On the palate, I enjoyed the taste of red fruits and spice, but was put off by the nagging alcohol. Turns out it bangs a 14.3%, which to me is unnecessary. You should be able to craft a wine without letting it get out of hand. I know that many wineries let the fruit get ultra-ripe to try and squeeze every little point out of the juice, but at some point it all goes over the top. Pinot Noir is supposed to be a seductive and lithe varietal, with barely perceptable tannins coupled with balanced acidity. Think delicate flower, not powerhouse. Whilst I did enjoy aspects of this wine, it was far from my favorite and hence it only gets 3 stars. Points wise, I am sure some critics would argue it is worthy of 90-91.