Disclaimer- this was a gift.  I would never venture this far out of my regular tastings.

The label claims it is a tomato and apple wine, made in Virginia with no alcohol content info.  In the glass, very dark yellow, reminiscent of well-oaked chardonnay or a Sauternes.  On the nose, a very distinct tomato and vegetal note are intriguing to me.  I’m also getting a very floral note on the back side of the smell.  On the initial palate……hmmmma – a certain unctuosness that gives up some slightly unbalanced flavors of tomato and apple, yet somewhat green and underripe.  There is no acidity and certainly no sign of tannin.

Intriguing, this wine has managed to grow on me.  I opened it as a cooking wine and poured myself a glass.  I find myself delving deeper into itIMG_1834s make-up and trying to figure out its backbone.  I would certainly never buy this as a serious wine, but as a gift, why not?  Moxie even liked it.  I can’t rate it or give you my star rating because it is such an oddball, but I can say it has certainly expanded my palate and made me appreciate the fringes of wine making, like my old grand father did in his day.