There is a saying ‘never look a gift horse in the mouth’.  So, with that good piece of advice I will refrain from trashing a recent bottle of wine that was given to Moxie at Christmas time.  I did not enjoy it, nor would I recommend it.  Since it was not purchased by myself I will not review it as I normally would, however- here is the picture.  The good news about the whole episode was the dinner.  Moxie and I banged up some amazing stuff:  Bison, Beef, Chicken, Chorizo, sweet potatoes and mushrooms with roasted Brussel Sprouts and sautéed spinach with bacon bits.  It all came together nicely but the Bison was the highlight.

IMG_0653IMG_0668Instead, I shall regale you with stories of Tuesday.  I took Moxie’s new camera (Canon 6D), popped the massive 70-200mm lens with a 2X extender on it and proceeded to snap about a million shots of our two youngest kids ice skating.  Yup, Anthojet is a rugged football player and amazing on the ice.  JJ is a ballerina from birth and took to skates like a duck to water.  The two of them are being trained to skate together, I’m thinking college scholarship.  Anyway, they look great together and I was thrilled to be able to watch them with their coach (I’m told she is a famous ice dancer herself).  This was all Moxie’s idea by the way.  She has pushed them in a direction that they love and are good at.



Yours truly

Yours truly

Moxie's monster lens

Moxie’s monster lens