I forgot to write this post until I uploaded the photos from my phone.  Yup, I use an iPhone for all my cinematography, hope you like the pics!

It’s been a tough week for Moxie and I.  We have been taking a class to better understand and cope with teens for the last 5 weeks at our church.  We concentrated hard on our 18 year old who has been a complete rebel (tattoos, earrings and all).  We did not realize that son number 2 was having issues at boarding school until it was too late.  He was just sent home on medical grounds and will not be returning.  Moxie and I had plans, visions and budgets of what we were going to do with the family for the next 18 months.  Everything is up in the air and we are fluid.

I figured it was time to go to ground, pull the family in tight and re-group.  We did this on Sunday night.  I invited my folks over for a traditional Sunday Roast dinner.  A time to reflect, become a family again and perhaps move ahead with the daunting task presented.

I cooked up a beautiful roast that Moxie bought and laced it with all the garnishes I could muster including raw and creamed horseradish (extravagant, I know).  The dinner was amazing, not because the food was awesome, nor that I opened my last bottle of ’96 Burgess Cabernet…. It was great because we really had a good time, temporarily putting our current dilemma behind us and focusing on the positive.  I needed to be re-assured that my family was going to make it through the rough patch and triumph.  Moxie came through for me on Monday, she organized a whole new education plan for son #2, got the timing sorted out and even got the other kids out to where they needed to go- she’s a trooper.  Meanwhile, I was stuck at her store running the website.  We have been in the process of winding it down and have had a huge sale- with massive orders and bigger headaches.  Our web manager has been out sick since Saturday, can you imagine the nightmare?

The bottom line-  temporary glitches in the family unit has allowed me to re-focus and prioritize whilst having a great meal with my family and folks.  I trust you will also be able to overlook your hurdles and be able to jump them with ease and a bottle of Napa Cab.  Salut….

The last '96 Burgess from the cellar

The last ’96 Burgess from the cellar

The roast that I cooked to perfection, for a change

The roast that I cooked to perfection, for a change