Two years ago I wrote, quite harshly, about the Domaine des Monts Luisants and promised to revisit.  I have been doing a lot of revisiting old tastings lately, mostly on a positive upswing.  Not so much with this one.

A lighter purple with some orange ‘bricking’ on the edges. A nose of sour cherry, cow manure and a whiff of green grass. The initial taste is pure sour cherry juice. A shame really. There is not much fruit structure, nor are there any discernible tannins. Acidity rules the roost here. I am really disappointed in this premiere cru Burgundy. I might just shove some through the Vinturi and let it aerate a bit.

Nope, not much better, except now I get some cranberry as well as the cherry. The funk bothers me on this wine. I like garigue, barnyard flavors and certain funkiness. This wine offers a different profile that I do not care for nor consider correct for the terroir/appellation. 84 points and 0 stars unfortunately. The good news is that the price has gone up to over $100.  Salut….