My friend visited us a few weeks ago from Kentucky.  Knowing I had plenty of wine, he went to the Maker’s Mark Distillery and purchased this Unicorn.  You can’t buy them anywhere else and each bottle is signed.  I was excited to taste it and last night the stars aligned.  I poured two glasses, one with ice, the other- neat.  I tasted the neat one first and then rotated around between the two.

Banana, grain, bread.  On the palate it is really smooth until the very end, when I get a touch of heat.  It has a definitive corn and grain note that I don’t normally get with Bourbon.  The finish lingers, with a gum tingling component that I can’t quite place.  On the rocks- the banana component still exists, albeit somewhat muted.  The temperature of the liquid, under ice, released less flavor.  On the palate it is much smoother, more balanced and easier to drink.  It does have that aftertaste but it’s not cloying or obtrusive.  Grain, corn, ripe plantains and a very mild dose of alcohol are the key components of the iced version.  I strongly recommend a cube or 4, it makes all the difference.  This is a unique Bourbon that you should seek to try if you are into them, but it’s not what you are used to.  Salut….