Moxie and I arrived in Honolulu last Monday, our first stop being the local shop to stock up on ‘necessities’. When on vacation, without access to proper glasses and less than ideal conditions- it’s time to rest the keyboard and just enjoy wine for what it is. I bought bottles that I have tried before and enjoyed, something familiar and trustworthy. Since it is the tropics, I went with more whites than usual: Kung Fu Girl is a perennial fave, the recently tasted Oyster Bay was delicious and the red wine of the week was the ever-so-good Chateau Ste. Michelle Cab Sav. This wine is hands down one of the most reliable reds out there.

I sometimes lose touch with why we drink wine- for me it marks the beginning of the end of the day. A time to start cooking dinner, to relax and to savor the nectar as it pairs with food. Then there is the post-prandial drinking that carries us into the night. For Moxie and I, sitting on our balcony last night with a drink in hand was near bliss. I hope everyone that reads this takes the time to kick back and relax with their loved one and enjoy a drink or two. Aloha.