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Moxie and I had a bottle of Cream Sherry recently and really enjoyed it. I then bought six different styles of Sherry made by the same producer to do a cross sectional tasting of the various versions. Keep in mind that this stuff starts out as a white wine. I have had to re-taste it 3 times as it has really confused me.

Pale amber and see through.  Smells like Christmas pudding with brandy butter. Raisins, cooked cherries, walnuts and bitter almond. The palate is not at all what we expected- thin, lacking any tannins, very little depth of flavor but gobs of acid.  Green un-ripe almonds, bitter citrus and yeast are what I get on the palate. The finish is a touch better with some refreshing bitter lemon notes. This is not my style by any stretch, but I am here to expand my palate, even if I don’t like something. I will pass judgment on this $16 bottle (per 500ml). Not sure what I would pair it with either. Salut….