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I’m putting the horse before the cart here- tasting a cocktail whose ingredients I am not fully versed in.  I bought the Campari to make this drink but my day got away from me and it’s 5 o’clock- time for an aperitif.  I’ll do a taste test of that bottle at a later date.  For now I am trying, for the first time, a Negroni.

Tasting it without ice or any orange peel as I want to get the essence of the blend without outside influence.  It is a stunning shade of rustic orange.  I can smell it a mile away btw.  On the nose it is orange driven.  I get orange peel, candied orange, orange zest and then some hints of baking spices, black cherry and a saline note.  The palate is bitter yet sweet.  Quite delicious actually.  Orange components with a licorice tinge, baking spices, medium acidity and a full body make this an elixir to savor.  It coats the palate with candied sour orange that leaves a film of sweetness.  The alcohol content is barely noticeable which is surprising considering the Gin rolls in at 41%, the Vermouth at 16% and the Campari at 24% which averages out at 27% ABV.  Throw some ice at this and a bit of orange peel- yummy.  Glad I expanded my palate this Friday afternoon.  Salut….