Virginia does two wines- Viogner and Cabernet Franc. The rest is just useless IMHO. So, Moxie and I went to one of those way over-priced steak houses last night. After a quick perusal of the offerings, I could feel my wallet cringe(that’s a lie, as I had a $100 gift card from winning a closest to the pin golf tournament). Anyway, I digress. The wine list was mediocre at best, no classed growth, very slim in Burgundy and the few token Cali Cabs that every single “upscale” steak joint carries- get original people. So, having had the Barbourseville previously, and thoroughly enjoying it, I ordered the 2008. A surefire winner, honestly, a 91 point, 5 star wine. My local wine shop turns this one for $21, the “Grille” charged me $60.

Cab Franc has quickly become one of my favorite varietals. It offers tannins ala Cab Sav, smoothness ala Merlot and mixes fruit and backbone to merit cellaring. Most of the time it is used disproportionately in a Bordeaux style blend, not as the star performer. Many people don’t like the tannic structure and can’t wait for it to emerge. Take advice, look for this bottle and cellar a few- rewarding. Meanwhile, I still have some left over for tonight.