If you read my post on BAG’s you probably saw a very rare bottle lurking behind my behemoth glasses.  In 2008, some friends and I went in on a barrel of custom-crush wine.  I got to ‘help’ make the wine and also label it.  Anatomically correct, it symbolizes much of who I am and where I go (Asia for instance).  For lack of a better name for my wine, I commissioned my first vintage and had her design the label (Moxie is a world class graphic artist by the way).  For my efforts, and a few thousand bucks, I ended up with 6 Magnums, and 8 cases of the 750’s.  At first, I was not impressed.  In the final stages of barrel maturation we added tannins to the wine as it lacked that umph.  My first tasting revealed no backbone, low acidity and very primary fruit.  I thought I had wasted my time.  However, as the months rolled on, it has actually behaved in a dragon-like way.  Rising from slumber and showing it’s teeth.  It will last another 3 years and get better still.  I would think a pro would give the Dragon an 85 point rating, my personal opinion; not worth the cash, but fun to have been involved.  Sorry, you can’t buy it anywhere.  Ps. the fruit was California Cabernet

troll beads dragon label

Labelling the Dragon

 Naughty Dragon