Not a huge white wino, the occasional chardonnay hits me just right.  It was the summer and the folks were around for dinner.  They like the white, (mum is not so keen on Chardonnay though).  I can’t remember what was on the grill that night, but I do remember the reaction to this wine.  2006 Russian River Chardonnay best described as smooth, balanced, fruity, yet not over-oaked.  Too many wineries insist on slapping the wood to everything they get their hands on, producing the same old buttery junk as the next guy.  Oriel, having good fruit, have made a very good QPR wine here, good thing I got a dozen!  I would think of it as a 3.5 star white, and if I could guess, the boys in the know would shoot it an 86 point rating.  I asked mum what she thought before telling her it was a Chard, she said “Yummy”.  Kudos to Oriel.oriel chardonnay