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Having been off Australian Shiraz for a while, I was stumped for a wine yesterday at the local shop.  Seems like the choices are slim, and the majority of wines were either cheap French or Aussie Shiraz.  Soooo, I ended up with this blend of Viognier (which I love) and Shiraz.  Hailing from the Eden Valley, they blended the two wines into something pretty decent.  Nothing jammy, like too many other Australian Shiraz, but mellow, thanks to the Viognier.  Good nose of dark fruit, and definite black-blue berry on the palate.  Unobtrusive tannins tell me this one is built for 5-7 years tops.  Seeming to be in balance, the acidity was neither present nor lacking, and the end result was a consensus that we enjoyed this wine and would buy again.  3 stars and probably an 88 pointer.

yalumba shiraz viognier