On a recent trip to Las Vegas we had dinner with friends at an Italian restaurant. I was tasked with the wine list and told that Zinfandel was her favorite varietal. After perusing the choices, $14,400 for 1982 Petrus was not an option. (did you know it is the most counterfeited wine in this town?). I asked if she liked Pinot Noir, to which she answered “I like tannic wines”. Done.
Aglianico is fast becoming one of my favorite wines. Google it’s pronunciation so you can get it right.
The waiter raved about the Guardia 33, so we decided to go for the $60+ Reserva. Without going into great detail, it’s a blend of 80% Sangiovese and 20% Aglianico- a fearsomely tannic grape that gives a purple punch right across the palate if not tamed and aged. You know how I love Sangiovese, so that’s a given. Mixed with the Aglio, a powerful combination that has been aged in the right amount of oak for the right amount of time. I’m not gonna mince around here folks, 5 stars in my book and an easy 90+ wine. Cherry on the nose, dark fruit on the well balanced palate and that ever present tannin structure inherent to Aglianico. Just beautiful, with a lingering finish that makes you want to lick your purple stained teeth. I need to find this at home, hoping its in the $20 range so I can stock up. Loved it….