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A first for me, Greek Cabernet. Very sharpish on the nose, with some primal fruit, oak and alcohol all fighting to get in there. My first sip was all alcohol, surprising as this one weighs in at a modest 12.5%. First impression, dump the bottle. But wait, perhaps I’ve been harsh lately, a certain crankiness overcoming my usual cool demeanor? I will let it rest for an appeal.

Now that the heat has blown off, showing much better. After a 30 minute wait, I am now getting some vanilla, raspberry and a slight vegetal thing on the nose. The palate has slid to the red berry side of the fruit scale and I can now make out a semblance of tannins. This is starting to grow on me, with perhaps a hint of plum mixing it up in there. By far not my favorite, striving for 85 points, I can only give it 2 stars. If it was $11 instead of $15 it would rank higher, but at its price- there are many far superior wines out there. I will chalk this one up to broadening my palate, and so should you.