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A Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois from St. Estephe, this 2006 came across as ferociously tannic when first opened.   I was amazed at the levels since this wine has been sitting for 6 years.  True to form, it exhibited raw power with cassis, tobacco and dark fruits on the nose and palate.  Getting past the tannins, this wine was really delicious, if not everyone’s cup of tea.  My drinking partner and I decided it needed a good decanting and aeration, so we left it for a while.  It is absolutely amazing how much this wine mellowed out in a short period of time.  The tannins melded and gave way to more perfume and a touch of oak.  The fruit that was already displayed became more rounded and the wine was rapidly changing its stripes.  I have never witnessed such a rapid transformation in a bottle of wine like this.  I doubt it would even be a shadow of itself if left for a day.  Be careful with this wine… If you like searing tannins, pop-n-pour.  It would be an awesome companion to a Ribeye or other really fatty cut of beef.  Do not drink it by itself, it is not designed for that.  Overall, I would carve out a space for it in my cellar and give it 4 stars, but only 85 points for its volatility.  (I paid about $21 for it).