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NV- Non-vintage.  Phileo- Greek for ‘Love for special things’.

I’m not Greek, but I love this wine.  It is a blend of Moscato and Gewurztraminer that is made in a low alcohol, dessert style whilst keeping its acidity and defying the cloying trait associated with most ‘stickies’.  I served this one right out of the fridge on a warm evening.  Absolutely perfect.  The Gewurz brings that delicious apricot and honey to the nose and palate, while the Moscat has its own additions of peach and rose.  The nose went forever and followed smoothly onto the palate.  A razor sharp acidity cuts in right at the end, perfectly timed.  A long finish had me reeling for more.  When I first tasted this wine at Barboursville, I loved it and bought two bottles.  Now that I have had it at home, in the right surroundings and in the right frame of mind- I wish I had more.  At about $16 per bottle, this wine absolutely, 100% rocked my wine world.  Albeit a ‘dessert’ wine, I would easily drink this as a pre-dinner aperitif, with starters of foie gras and definitely with dessert/cheese plates.  We sorted out some brownies with ours.  I am convinced that this wine is a 94 pointer and if I could give it 6 stars I would.  Bravo….