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The iconic Champagne that every wine drinker has heard of.  You can’t mention the region or the style without thinking of this brand, and for good reason.  It is absolutely delicious, no doubt about it, and it’s also pretty pricey.

Yesterday, we celebrated my parent’s 50th anniversary.  Dad had been saving the 1998 Dom for years, and stuffed it into a carry bag filled with ice and brought it along on our day trip to St. Michaels, Maryland.  Before digging into the bountiful lunch of seafood and Blue Crabs, a toast was made with this 15 year young sparkler.  Apples and yeast on the nose prepared me for what was to come.  The mousse was smooth, rounded and extremely pleasant, allowing the flavors of nuts, apples and perhaps some caramel to come through the perfect acidity.  The mouthfeel was incredible, perhaps the term ‘slick’ comes into play, for it was so easy to drink.  This wine is a baby, with years ahead and is drinking beautifully now but I reckon it could last a long time if cellared correctly.  Very complex with levels of flavors, I loved it.  I’m not well versed in sparkling wines, but for me it performed like a 95 point wine should.  5 stars is hard to give a wine that is now available for about $200, yet it seems right.  There’s a time and a place for everything; yesterday, they both happened and will make the day that much more memorable.


Nana and Jido with some of the grandkids.  Moxie made the bibs at her store...

Nana and Jido with some of the grandkids. Moxie made the bibs at her store…