Ten percent off all wines are corked.  That’s right, one in every 10 is ‘off’.  I must say that my percentage is a lot less, perhaps less than 1%.  When it happens, it’s annoying and I feel cheated.  My last wine was a 2001 Spanish Rioja that I had spent a pretty penny on a few weeks ago.  I opened it last night with great fanfare, only to be embarrassed by it’s poor health.  I bought it in Hong Kong at a local wine merchant, no doubt they won’t be able to help.  Of note, I took a bottle of Domaine Serene Evenstad back to my local wine merchant and was immediately given another.  I have purchased form online retailers and only had two bottles go bad,  a credit was issued to my credit card.  It’s merchants like these that earn my business.  So, this one will just be chalked up to bad luck.  I hope your averages are as good as mine.  Salut….

vina tondonia