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I have spent the past five weeks on a training course in Hong Kong, paired up with my friend ‘The Beave’.  Last night was our last proper dinner before the course ends and he decided on a steak house for the gang.  There were 10 of us and we proceeded to order copious amounts of beer before dinner as we settled in to our boys night out.  I ordered Lamb Cutlets when we were seated and was promptly handed the wine list by some eager Steak eaters.  I chose this Stellenbosch Pinotage as I figured it would have the flavor to hold up to to the Lamb and Mint sauce in addition to being smooth enough for the others Filets.

I really enjoy well made Pinotage and have been on a mission to seek it out as much as possible.  This wine was no exception.  It was a dark purple offering that had plum aromas and a touch of cedar on the nose.  The first taste confirmed my choice as correct.  This wine exploded with dark plums and black cherries with some good oak integration.  Spicebox and sandalwood came through on the mid palate and the tannins were fine and refreshing.  A balanced mouthfeel is always appreciated and the acidity was ever so slight yet present.  The weight of the wine was perfect for the mint sauce and the boys really enjoyed theirs with the steaks.  Restaurants always gouge on the prices so I will go with the retail pricing of about $17.  I feel this is a 90 point wine worth seeking out, 4 stars from me.  Salut….