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Once again, I lost the Fantasy Football bet and my friend Lemming got his way with an aged Bordeaux.  His flight was delayed so he met us at the restaurant for our New Year’s dinner.  The corkage was not cheap on this, but well worth the price.

The last time I drank ’01 Cos was in May of last year.  The wine has officially hit its stride and is performing like a show dog.  A lighter shade of purple in the glass was a telltale sign of the wine’s maturity.  The primal fruit and puckering tannins have dissipated into a mellow and smooth wine offering up plums, tobacco, earth, leather and violets.  The finish is long and the balance is great.  Having cellared this wine for over 10 years I find myself well rewarded and happy to have been able to share this bottle with 8 others.  I look forward to the next 10 experiences that I have with the remains of the case.  This wine originally received upwards of 94 points from the pro’s.  I agree.  I paid $70 back then, it goes for about $130 these days.  I have to give it 5 stars!  Salut….