I bought these two bottles on sale for $15, they would normally be about $10 each.  I opened the Red Blend on day one and the Cabernet Sauvignon on day two.  I did not take notes but from recollection I really enjoyed the Red Blend.  It was balanced, fruity, easy to drink and had a decent structure for the price.  I would give it 87 points off the top of my head.  The Cabernet was not as good.  Lacking in primal fruit and without much tannic structure it was a little flabby and off balance.  84 points on that one.  Both are basic South Eastern Australia drinking wines and could be brought out for a party or BBQ.  Stick to the blend for the most enjoyment.  Salut….

mcwilliams hamwood red blendmcwilliams hamwood cabernet sauvignon