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I bought this bottle several years ago when a local wine shop was closing down.  I had no clues, ideas or preconceptions.  I just knew it was Burgundy, and it was on sale for 50% off.  I can’t imagine this village level wine being more than $25.  It was a pale purple with very light intensity, I was expecting that from a Pinot Noir based Burgundy wine.  It had a nose of funk, cherry and straw which was interesting.  Delightful yet light strawberry and cherry notes with a crisp and delicious acidity, mouthwatering.
I could sense a tinge of melded tannins which is atypical for me and Pinot.  If you read my other notes on this varietal you will know I have a difficult time detecting tannins in Pinot.  This is a very serviceable wine that gets 88 points from me and 3 stars.  I don’t think I would search for it but if there are any still in the cellar I know what to pair them with; grilled Salmon and boiled potatoes with a herb butter sauce, yum.  Salut….

genot-boulanger mercurey