Some of you may know that my youngest son is a competitive Ice Dancer, as in he trains 6 hours per day right now.  This makes him a very hungry boy, so he asked for and got a smoked Turkey, albeit just the breast as June is not really Turkey season.

I looked up some recipes and thought about how I did them at Thanksgiving time.  Opting for a more smoked dish, I did somethings different this time.  The breast was basically the whole bird, minus the drums and wings, but was pretty hefty at 9 pounds.  The directions on the package said to roast at 350F for 3 1/2 hours.  I covered the bird in a light coating of avocado oil so the skin would crisp, then I rubbed some BBQ Bros California rub that I just got onto the bird.  The Egg had been preheating to 350F and I made sure to add lots of wood chunks before placing the heat diffuser in.

After barely 2 hours, the internal temps indicated the bird was cooked at 180 degrees, which surprised me somewhat.  Next time, I will go for a lower internal temp of 170 at the most.  I removed it from the grill, tented it and left it in the cool oven.  At dinner time, I split the breasts off the carcass and sliced the meat across the grain.  This method makes sure each piece has a section of skin, which was delicious, smoky and crisp all at the same time.  I recommend this technique and will be doing it that way from now on.  Overall a very satisfying dinner that had my older kids clamoring for leftovers in the middle of the night!

Covered in rub, 350 degrees

California Rub

The finished bird

Across the grain!