I have had much success cooking various meats on the Big Green Egg including Leg of Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Brisket, Pulled Pork and Ribs but this is my first foray into Tri-Tip.  The cut is very popular in California, rarely seen in Virginia but I figured out that my local Wegman’s stocks some.  The first one I made was on the Weber gas grill.  It was awesome.  Once I got the courage up I was ready to try it on the BGE.

First try- on the Weber

Perfection on the gas

It was Moxie’s birthday yesterday so I got the biggest slab of tri-tip I could find.  It’s not expensive per pound and it serves up well on day two as a sandwich filler so I was inclined to go big rather than risk running out.

I started with a rubbing of olive oil to help coat the meat with a dry rub- onion powder, garlic, salt, white pepper.  The meat was left out to normalize while I lit the charcoal.  Searing at full heat for 2 minutes per side plus another 2 minutes per side to get the cross hatch patterns.  I removed the meat from the grill, put the heat diffuser in and placed the roast back in the center, adjusting the vents for 325F indirect heat.  I cooked until internal temps hit 140F.  Once done the meat was tented under foil for 20 minutes then cut across the grain.  It was amazing.  I highly recommend looking for this cut.  If using a gas grill, sear on high heat, then turn a burner off.  Place the meat over that burner and adjust the others to maintain the 325F or so temp that will slowly cook this tasty cut into perfection. I paired it with salad and sautéed mushrooms.  For wine- a Cosentino Cabernet Franc did the trick.  Salut….

The slab, slathered in Olive oil

Covered in onion, garlic, salt and pepper rub

Crispy perfection

Just right inside