I smoke a Pork Butt on the Big Green Egg at least once a month.  All my boys love it and my youngest son will fry up leftovers in the mornings with some Taco seasoning sprinkled for an added twist.  It’s delicious with eggs and salsa too!

I started this cook with two 6 pound Boston Butts, they were on sale for $0.99 per pound- literally a steal.  The Egg was preheated to about 250F and the Pork was prepared with a slathering of plain old yellow mustard and liberally coated with BBQ Bros Carolina rub.  This is the second style of their rub that I have used.

A liberal coating of Carolina style BBQ Bros rub

Pork is so easy, it doesn’t really care about the temperature that much and is pretty much ready when the internal temp is between 195-205F.  I like to let mine go to the 205 mark as the meat, fat and tendons are fully rendered at that point.  It makes the meat literally fall apart.  I use meat shredders now as I cook this cut so often, but if you are just getting started you can cheat and use two spaghetti spoons, or two large forks.  You will eventually buy the shredders.

Shredders, you will thank me later


My two hunks took 12 hours with the average temperature at 250F.  The outside was dark in color, the smoke ring evident and the internal meat was succulent with a hint of smoke.  The tasty rub added a nice zing. Bang for the buck this is the best way to get to know your Big Green Egg or other Kamado style smoker.  Try different rubs, different mustards, different hardwood chunks ( I do not soak mine BTW).  I tend to buy a big bag of Mesquite chunks for my smoker and the flavors I get from 4-5 chunks per cook are exactly the level of smoke I like.  I ended up drinking red wine with my dinner, but beer works great too.  Some people get all fancy with foil baths, injections of spice-  the simpler the better in this case.  Salut….

Ready to go!