Back in 2013 I flew across the country on a flight that served up Murietta’s Well ‘Los Tesoros’.  I enjoyed the wine and remembered the name.  I recently had a business trip to Livermore, CA where they have their facility so I went to visit.  I booked a 3 pm tasting but arrived at 2 as the traffic was not an issue.  They offered to seat me on the patio, upstairs overlooking the grounds or I could go to the actual tasting room.  Had I been on a social visit with friends then the patio was the best option- but as I was alone and on a mission to taste and take notes so I opted for the tasting room.  I’m glad I did because the host was very gracious, patient and generous. I ended up tasting their full offering and we had a great time discussing my notes that he then would compare to the winemaker’s.  I am no professional taster, but I really enjoyed picking out the slight nuances I tasted in several of the wines.

You will be able to read about each wine in greater detail but to sum up the experience I would say that you must visit, do the full tasting and then relax with a glass of your favorite on the patio when done.  My choice was the Petit Verdot, it was downright delicious.  The grounds were very nice and well kept, the weather was exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed the three hours I spent there.  The wines are not everyday quaffers, they are well crafted and priced accordingly.  They offer a richness and depth found in sunny California with good aging capacity for the patient.  I don’t think they are widely available as production seems limited, but they do have a membership available.  Salut….

The tasting room upstairs