I know this is a wine blog, but I also love cooking on the Big Green Egg and when I do a new recipe, I feel obliged to share it with you all.  In fact, my most visited pages are for Lamb on the Big Green Egg, you should see the stats around Easter!

Anyway, I saw this Pork Belly at the local supermarket, and knowing my 16 year old son loves belly I decided to try something new.  I slit the fat cap every 1/4 inch, rubbed it with a dry rub and placed the meat on a bed of carrots and onion.  The whole ensemble was bathed in a can of beer to keep it moist and give flavor.  I started the charcoal and let ‘er rip up to 500F with just two small chunks of wood amongst the lump.  I was not going for a smoky slab, preferring the taste of the rub and some crispy bark instead.

Once the meat was placed over the heat diffuser, I let it cook at 500F for an hour.  The vents were closed and the temp steadied at 350F for another hour before the meat registered 195F internally.  That was my target so I had to remove it, before the skin was the right consistency that I was looking for.  In order to finish it the way I wanted, I then broiled it in the oven very briefly to get the skin just right.  I sliced the meat in thin strips and had a winner on the table!  I would serve a dry white or even rose’ with it to help cut the fat somewhat.  Red would overpower I think.  Try it and let me know what you think.  Salut….