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It has been 41 years since I last necked some Sherry. Those of you who know me will realize how old/young I was, and you could probably cotton-on to the fact that it was not a good experience. It’s taken this long PLUS an assignment in my wine course to get me to buy and taste a glass of the stuff. I must say, I kinda liked it.

This particular brand is like the Budweiser of Sherry, mass produced, generally okay stuff and cheap enough. My intro back into the world of fortified Spanish wine was easy enough. This wine is rather straightforward and basic. It is tasty without too much complexity and should be served chilled. We missed that part of the equation. I would not even know how to score this wine, but if you are looking for an aperitif- try some….it’s unique and won’t break the bank. You can use the leftovers to make a Lobster bisque! $16 is a nice price to boot. Salut….

Appearance : 

  • Intensity : Light
  • Color : Tawny

Nose : 

  • Intensity : Medium 
  • Aroma characteristics : Primary notes of Orange peel, Fruitcake and raisin.  Tertiary aromas of Caramel and walnut.

Palate : 

  • Sweetness : Medium
  • Acidity : Medium
  • Tannin : Medium 
  • Alcohol : Medium
  • Body : Light
  • Flavor intensity : Light
  • Primary flavors of Fruitcake, raisin, fig.  Tertiary flavors of walnuts.  No secondary flavors detected
  • Finish : short

Conclusions : Quality : Acceptable