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We kicked off the next Virtual Wine Tasting with a Rosè. As usual, we tasted it both chilled and at room temperature. The wine is a Grenache from Languedoc that is a clear, light orange/pink. On the nose, the room temperature version had group notes of pear, melon, apricot and strawberry. I noted that it was off-dry. On the palate we got strawberry, melon, green apple and my taste buds caught some papaya. A short finish was timed and it was a touch bitter. I did not care for it very much at this temperature but things got better once I tried the chilled stuff. It was peachier on the nose and had cotton candy, honeysuckle, strawberry, apricot and canned pineapple. The palate gave us apricot and orange pith (there was a bitterness we all got). I noted it as more dry when chilled. The finish was longer and this wine garnered 89 points from me. At $16, it is a 3 star effort that will serve you well in the hot summer months. Drink now. Salut….