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Every 28 years or so, I drink some of this stuff….. You see, when Moxie and I got married, she bought 130 small bottles and removed the labels in a bathtub full of water. She hand made labels with our names, the date and some curly-hues plus a green ribbon. The bottles were placed in front of every guest setting at the reception as a parting gift. We kept one bottle, the label has faded , the ribbon fell off and the contents are probably vinegar. So, on the anniversary of our magical day we happened to be in a liquor store and bought a 4 pack of 187 ml bottles, plastic bottles to be precise- for old time’s sake. Today was beach day and it was hot. We were ordering Thai food for dinner so I popped a few of these little charmers and we thoroughly enjoyed them for what they were- light, refreshing, a touch sweet and cheap as hell. I wrote up the notes for my course, here they are. (I can’t even rate this stuff to be honest, just sit back and enjoy one). Salut….

Sutter Home White Zinfandel NV, California 9.5% ABV

  • Appearance- Deep Salmon color.
  • Nose- medium (-) intensity with aromas of strawberry, orange peel, acacia, honeysuckle and wet stone.  Youthful.
  • Palate- medium sweet, medium (-) acidity, low alcohol, light body, medium intensity flavors of strawberry, orange peel, honeysuckle. Medium (-) finish.
  • Conclusion- acceptable quality, drink now, not suitable for aging or further aging.

I know, it’s crazy that I selected this wine to taste- long story.  What’s even crazier is that I actually enjoyed it!  Refreshing after a hot day at the beach and at 9.5% -a welcome change from the last few bombs. A 4-pack of 187ml plastic bottles.  Such a bargain at $6.50! Paired with Thai food for the win.