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In my wine studies I have started to explore the nether-regions of the grape.  I’ve been trying out Port, Sherry, Vermouth and today I am looking at a white aperitif called Lillet that is made from 85% white Bordeaux blends and 15% macerated fruit liquors that fortify the wine to 17% ABV.  Served alone or mixed with a myriad of seltzers and sparklers it can make some very refreshing summer drinks or even to spice up a Martini a’la 007.

This offering is medium gold in the glass and has pronounced aromas of blood oranges, blossom, candied orange peel, honeysuckle and a pink grapefruit spritz.  Very citrus-and-floral driven.  The palate is off-dry and smooth.  I can sense the alcohol on the initial palate, but then again I am tasting it at room temperature versus well chilled as advised.  Medium (+) intensity flavors of said citrus and floral notes plus a full bodied mouthfeel make for quite an entrance.  It has medium acidity and a long finish.  I do sense the alcohol burn on the back end which will theoretically not matter much if you dilute it with seltzer or beef it up with Gin or Vodka.  By itself this one should be chilled and enjoyed over the rocks perhaps?  I like it and now that the bottle is open I must consume it forthwith or else it will oxidize.  For $20 it’s probably a good addition to any well stocked bar.  Salut….