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Amber wine is a new one for me, and this bottling is touted as a natural wine- no added yeast or sulphur.  The color is….amber, shocker.  The nose has pronounced aromas of apricots, marzipan and white blossom.  The palate is dry with some toothsome tannins and medium (-) acidity.  It’s a strange sensation to smell something that conjures up thoughts of sweetness and then taste something completely different.  The flavor profile of this medium bodied wine includes apricot, peach, green almonds and white flowers.  The finish is a touch bitter from the skin contact that a white wine gets when made into an orange wine.  It is quite lengthy btw, and the astringency falls off faster than the fruit.  An interesting intro to this style of wine, especially since it is made with minimal intervention.  I cannot score it as this is unfamiliar territory, but for $12 it is worth trying if for nothing else than to expand your palate.  I am simmering up a pot full of spicy chili, I think this pairing will work.  Salut….